Lightweight Technology

Lightweight Technology 

Lighten automobile weight is one of the important channels to reduce energy consumption in driving. The application and promotion of Lightweight technology are required by both traditional energy vehicles and new energy vehicles.

The first significant project planned by MIN'AN is its acquisition of Italy's Grecav aluminum auto body technology and minicar intellectual property with all-aluminum body in January 2011, making an important layout for MIN'AN in its following development and production of lightweight electromobiles.

Acquisition agreement and strategic cooperation agreement are signed by Jiangsu MIN'AN and Italy's Grecav.

MIN'AN developed its first all-aluminum electromobile in April 2011, with curb weight being 575kg and rate of energy consumption in the driving being 8.3kwh/100km by taking advantage of all-aluminum body.



Successful development of the first all-aluminum power sample vehicle

In January 2012, its all-aluminum power sample vehicle underwent weathering test in Sweden. 



Group photo of Dr. Wang Jingli from MIN'AN with its overseas development team

Blind lightweight may weaken the body strength and safety. The vehicle has undergone sufficient CAE analysis and crash tests. 


Actual vehicle collision 


According to analysis results, bending rigidity of aluminum chassis is close to that of steel chassis; All-aluminum scheme is slightly better than steel chassis in turning modes and free modes.